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My LX7 has the option of taking three quick shots +/- whatever EV I set, from 1/3 to 3.0. That works great for HDR. It's just not called that.

I must believe the camera you are interested-in has that feature.

That is referred to as "auto-bracketing" .... three separate shots which can be LATER COMBINED via a special HDR software-program.

In-camera HDR is also three shots, (on Panasonic but only 2 on most Nikons), which are then automatically combined into one (HDR) print.

I don't know about the quality of your Canon but I can tell you that the Nikon P-500's HDR was TERRIBLE ... (unusable).

It is very good in the FZ-1000 but many people still prefer manually combining them for sometimes a greater (sometimes abstract) effect which some people love, (like me), but most hate the over-done effect.

Thanks for the term. I have tried that with tripod shots and hand-held shots. Works great with tripod shot. A challenge with the hand-held shots, but that depends on the software you are using.

Interesting: a lot of software expect 3 images. They don't expect to HDR a single image.

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