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I can't state that the LX100 will be better than your Canon - I don't own either - but this comes from the LX100 manual:

Combining still pictures with different exposures ([HDR])

The camera can combine 3 still pictures taken at different exposures into a single

properly exposed picture with rich gradation. The individual pictures used to create the

HDR picture are not saved. You can minimize the loss of gradations in bright areas and

dark areas when, for example, the contrast between the background and the subject is


A combined HDR picture is saved in JPEG format.

MENU→ [Rec] → [HDR]

[ON] Creates a combined HDR picture.

[OFF] Does not create a combined HDR picture.

  • [Dynamic Range] [AUTO]: Takes pictures after automatically setting the adjustment range of the exposure based on the contrast of a subject.
  • [Dynamic Range] [±1EV] / [±2EV] / [±3EV]: Takes pictures using the adjustment range of the exposure being set.
  • [Auto Align] [ON]: Automatically adjusts the displacement of pictures caused by jitter, etc. We recommend using this setting to take pictures with a handheld camera.
  • [Auto Align] [OFF]: Does not adjust the displacement of pictures. We recommendusing this setting when you use a tripod.

What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to a technique for expressing a wide

contrast range.

●After the shutter button has been pressed, do not move the camera during the burst operation.

●Since a burst of still pictures are combined after they have been recorded, it will be a few moments before you will be able to record another picture.

●A subject that was in motion when it was recorded may be recorded as an afterimage.

●When [Auto Align] is set to [ON], the angle of view narrows slightly.

●When you take pictures using a flash, the flash mode is fixed to [ ] (Forced Flash Off).

Not available in the following cases:

●This function will not work for still pictures while motion pictures are being recorded.

●[HDR] cannot be used in the following cases:

•When the [Quality] setting is set to [ ], [ ] or [ ]

•When using [Time Lapse Shot]

•When using [Stop Motion Animation] (only available with [Auto Shooting] setting)

Thanks , i think the LX100 is better , this have a 4/3" sensor with F 1.7 there is more light and other things i like on it , i don't know .... i want to buy something compact better than my canon sx700hs , i don't need a zoom camera , i want just something better - more pro

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