Shutter button problem with my K-1

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Shutter button problem with my K-1

Hi all,

I'm super happy that Pentax released a FF and went and bought one as I had promised earlier here on the board and elsewhere. It's been great exercising the FA Ltd trio and today I also found out that the DA40 HD works quite alright as well. All good stuff.

However, I've stumbled across a problem. Last weekend when I first took my K-1 for a day out I noticed sometimes when I pressed the shutter button nothing happened. I thought that I probably was careful enough and not used to the different feel to the shutter button compared to the K-5 that's been my main camera for the last two years. User error I hoped.

Today the K-1 had its second outing and I can confirm that there is something completely not right as the "shutter bug" has showed itself again. I mainly shoot street photography. I use the AF button on the back to focus so the shutter button does not trigger AF. I prefocus so whenever I see someone I'd like to shoot I just raise the camera quickly to the eye and shoot. Everything is really quick and it's crucial that there is as little shutter lag as possible. Camera is pointing to the ground more or less before I make the shot.

97 times out of 100 there is no problem but sometimes when I you're going to make a shot nothing happens or there is a delay and you missed the shot. To me it doesn't feel like a mechanical problem but rather that the camera is busy doing something and won't react to the shutter button. A couple of times I've kept the button down and eventually the shot was taken (half a second or so later). I've had SR turned on and off. I've had review set to off. Everything that I can think of I've turned off so that the camera needs to do minimal work. No difference as I can recall it's happened during all of those settings. I don't think it's related to the SD card - the camera happily takes loads of pics while writing to the card. I've noticed the problem mostly when I take a shot and the the second one doesn't happen (or there is a delay).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem is? Has anyone experienced something similar? I will do more testing with another lens (I can only recall it happening with my 31mm but I'm not sure) and another SD-card.

Any help from you smart guys and gals would be much appreciated.



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