Am I pixel peeping, best zoom % to judge sharpness

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Re: Am I pixel peeping, best zoom % to judge sharpness

Here's a technique I use in Camera Raw for capture sharpening. It will also work for output sharpening.

Zoom way in, 600% in this case, and push the sharpening amount to the max 100%.  Never mind the horrible noise. Just notice the size of the sharpening halos, which are very easy to see at this magnification and high amount. Adjust radius to get the size halo you want (a frequent mistake is too high a radius that creates halos that are too large and thus noticeable).

One you get the radius you like, lower the amount until the noise disappears (and in ACR you can use the edge masking feature to eliminate any resulting noise on "flat" surfaces). You'll be left with clean sharpened edges and no obvious halos.

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