Panasonic 100-300 vs. Olympus 75-300 II lens test

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Re: Panasonic 100-300 vs. Olympus 75-300 II lens test

Anders W wrote:

danieladougan wrote:

What about aperture? Doesn't it matter that the Olympus lens is significantly slower? At 100mm it's f4 vs f5.1. At 300mm it's f5.6 vs f6.7. That's major, especially in terms of sports action and wildlife. And isn't that what the lenses are basically for?

The difference is less than you might think since the 100-300 has somewhat poorer actual transmission and more vignetting. At 300 mm, the difference in the center is more like 1/3 EV than 0.5 EV and virtually zero towards the corners.

So, essentially what you're saying is that you can't shoot the Panasonic lens wide open anyway and get sharp needs to be stopped down to about the same as the maximum aperture as the Olympus lens at the same focal length?

That's a bummer.

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