can't achieve 10fps on my Nex-5N

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Re: can't achieve 10fps on my Nex-5N

This is an old thread - subject I came across.

Few remarks:

to test if your 5n is capable (not faulty) of delivering 10fps burst remove the lens, set to speed priority and press the shutter button. Pretty sure it works.

Burst has almost nothing to do (almost, as I have only mine, not all 5n's) with the card speed rating as camera only offloads burst frames afterwards and does not use the SD card while taking pictures. They go directly into the buffer and then to SD for saving, thus card speed rating has nothing to do with that, I tested it some time ago with class 4,6,10, extreme pro 95MB/s, kingston pro, same result with all, always ten frames... so there you go.

You cannot use 16-50 SELP lens (it has greyed out lens correction meaning it is always auto), it works either with manual lenses or original 18-55 kit.

Need to disable lens correction, as per manual, in camera settings, that's all.

Don't worry about the SD card as long as it's fairly recent. Card speed will only affect the time camera needs to offoad the pictures, slower will take 1-2 seconds more.

Burst frames are usually smaller size then regular pics, probably reduced quality.

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