How do you set Custom Banks on D500?

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Re: How do you set Custom Banks on D500?

Chuvarsky wrote:

I thought this must be intuitively obvious. For me it is not and I have confused myself. I want "A" for normal wildlife, "B" for BIF, "C" for landscapes, etc.

A step by step process for setting them, then recalling them would be much appreciated.

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First, go to the menu that has the camera icon; for bank A, in that menu adjust everything u want for that bank. I named that bank WIL for "wild photography". After you finish with that particular menu, go to the menu that has the wrench icon; you will see the bank also so enter the same letter to match the bank in the previous menu. In this "wrench" menu, adjust all the things that you want for that bank : autofocus, etc, etc ... ( remember that this menu is divided by letters also : a,b,c,d,e and f. Once you finish setting up all the functions for a,b,c,d and e, go to "f" and I think it is f1 where you finally are foing to assign all of your changes a specific button of yoir camera. I chose fn2 and you can tell it to "switch banks" if I remember correctly.

Repeat everything but now change to bank B and finally register that new bank in f1. Repeat again and assign more changes to the next bank till you are done. Once u finish, you should be able to switch between banks by pressing fn2 and the command dial. You will see how they change as you press fn2 and turn the command dial in your viewfinder and the top screen.

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