Why is DXO so silent?

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Re: Why is DXO so silent?

WestO wrote:

I love DXO optics, but in regards to customer interaction they have always been terrible. They pretty much hand you the software and you're on your own. They also don't seem to care about what people want. We have been asking/begging for years to give us the ability to mix-match camera bodies with lens profiles. Something that is pretty much common place with the advent of mirrorless cameras. Yet, DXO ignores the request and makes the same statement that doing so would compromise quality. They give no insight on how, just a declaration and they move on.

Mix-matching camera/lens profiles with adapters would be a mammoth task, and I presume quite costly. You also have variance issues between adapters eg, "Novaflex" adapters sometimes perform better than generic adapters.

I think if they did expand their database, I'd presume they would have to start charging for the service, and I'm not sure it would be profitable for them.


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