Pentax K-1 pixel shift

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Pentax K-1 pixel shift: Where's the beef?

Thanks Iliah, great response from the RawDigger team.

So back to question: how much of a benefit is there for the quadrupling of storage space and 3s+ processing time granted by Pixel Shift technology? Here is one example of shifted vs unshifted from DPR studio scene's 'lowlight' raw captures: which is shifted and which is demosaiced?

For those who are interested in testing their forensic abilities click on 'Original Size' below and view the image at 100% making sure the browser is not zoomed - ctrl-zero typically resets it. Or download it and look at it in the trusted viewer of your choice.

And here is the 'aliasing hell' portion of DPR's studio scene. One is the K1 pixel shifted image (IMGP0551,PEF) as-is in linear raw, and two are the unshifted Bayer array (IMGP0431.DNG) converted by state of the art algorithms, one blind, one not. They come from different programs with everything off except that in one case I was not able to stop the first color correction from raw. Which one is the sharpest?

No processing, no sharpening, no noise reduction. There is a difference and I can see it*.


*And more

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