X-Pro 2 and X100T owners: Do you find the ERF indispensable or just nice-to-have?

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Re: Can't figure out WHY Fuji did that ?

JH Lee wrote:

Xshooter wrote:

JH Lee wrote: Hence, now I only uses back button focus + OVF.

Hi, can you explain to me how you use back button focus with OVF on the X-Pro2. Do you only use back focus in manual focus? Thanks

Hi, I uses MF and back button AF on an x100t, this will be similar to the x-pro2. To assist with auto-focus, I always push the manual focus forward or backward, towards whichever direction that is closer to my intended subject before focusing with back button. This is to minimises hunting, and speed up af since the lens travel less. It doesn't solve all hunting issues, but it cuts it down by a fair bit when the operator steer the camera with the understanding of distance, depth of field and contrast.

Tbh, one of the reason why I did not opt for the x-pro2 body is the af-l or ae-l buttons(whichever you customised to) are a little awkward to press for back button focusing both affecting my handheld stability with the camera. But I know the placement works for others.

Yes it does, but it also worked on the x-t1 when the ae-l and af-l buttons were reversed

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