Super-telephoto comparison?

Started May 16, 2016 | Questions thread
mike_smith_uk Regular Member • Posts: 390
Re: Panny 100-300 on GX7 vs 40-150 plus 1.4tc on OM M1

I did a quick and dirty test recently whilst sitting on my patio supping a glass of wine. I tried to keep things fairly even so shot at same ISO, both shot at F8 being sweet spot of the Panny Zoom, hand held, electronic shutter on GX7 and 0s time lag on M1 both hand held, processed from raw files on equal basis and cropped to about the same size for 100% pixel peeping comparison. Make your own mind up.

What you pay for in the pro lens is f2.8 aperture isolation ability, solid build, ability to use TCs, faster AF ability and weather proofing, but when shot at similar sweet spot aperture with static subjects the differences in image quality can be fairly small.

Panny 100-300 on GX7

Oly 40-150 plus 1.4tc on OM D M1

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