X-Pro 2 and X100T owners: Do you find the ERF indispensable or just nice-to-have?

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Re: X-Pro 2 and X100T owners: Do you find the ERF indispensable or just nice-to-have?

I find it very useful on the X-Pro2 for 2 things:

1. Checking the actual point of focus, and fine-tuning focus, in the OVF. in this case, I display the ERF in magnified view.

2. Checking the image frame at wider than 18mm FL. In this case the ERF displays the entire image in unmagnified view.

Unlike some others here, I don't find the ERF too small to be useful, though I wouldn't call it indispensable either.  I use it almost all the time with the OVF, but this might be because I have the 16-55 F/2.8 mounted most of the time, which blocks that part of the OVF anyway, so it's nice to have a useful focusing aid there instead of just seeing lens.  When I zoom in to 55mm, the brightness frame (image frame) shrinks, as do the focus boxes. In that situation, the ERF is much larger than the tiny focus boxes, making it much easier to see precisely what is being focused upon. For manual focus, the ERF lets me use focus-peaking in the OVF.

When using the 14mm, I change the ERF to unmagnified view. That way I can see the entire image frame even when it's not visible in the OVF.

Beyond that, it lets me see the exposure just like the EVF without switching to the EVF. It's nice for all of these things.

I'm wondering from the comments here whether the ERF is smaller in the X-100 OVF than in the X-Pro2 OVF.  I wouldn't want it to be larger than it is because it would intrude too much into the OVF shooting experience, but I wouldn't want the ERF smaller either. Personally, I think it's a great aid that was very well designed. I use it almost all the time.

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