X-Pro 2 and X100T owners: Do you find the ERF indispensable or just nice-to-have?

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Re: Can't figure out WHY Fuji did that ?

I used to think it will be an alternative to the way I can focus like-a-leica also. However like you, I found having a bright electronic screen at the corner of the optical viewfinder distracting. My eyes always gets diverted to the little screen during framing, so it doesn't fit in with me like an actual "rangefinder"; the experience has always been the purest form.

After I realise erf doesn't work for me, I activate the magnifier instead anytime I need critical focus.
It's an experience closer to the leica Q. However I loses the framing and the ability to see out of the frame.

Hence, now I only uses back button focus + OVF. Sometime it misses focus, however I value the ability to ensure better composition and decisiveness over accurate focus any day of the week.

I will still uses the ERF instead of the fully magnified EVF focus assist to check if critical focus is desired. But I will also switch it off by default.

It is nice to have options.

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