Super-telephoto comparison?

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Re: Super-telephoto comparison?

Ido S wrote:

I'm not really trying to match the capabilities of the 300mm f/4; more trying to exceed the capabilities of my 75-300mm II without really sacrificing reach. If anyone has some shots that are comparable between the 40-150mm f/2.8 + TC at 210mm, and the 75-300mm II at 300mm, that would be fantastic.

And yeah, I guess the 40-150 is a better choice for me than the 300. While I use the 300mm end a lot when I shoot birds, I also use the shorter focal length on my 75-300 when I use it for landscapes, which I probably do more often.


Ah, I took having the budget for the 300 prime as meaning it was in the mix. I have no qualms the Pro zoom+TC are superior to either 300, and not by a small amount, but am sure several folks here have direct comparos they can supply. I really love the lens and can't wait to add the 300 as a bag-mate. One quality worth mentioning is the amazing focus speed.



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