C&C candid wife portraitin

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I can see that

c h u n k wrote:

I meant the description.

I do see what you mean

Obv candid/wife/portrait is all pretty acurate. "Having diacussion with our 2 yr old"...If I were asked what was happening here, my guess wouldnt be a conversation with a toddler.

Which shows just how much an image can be many things to many folks. I like that, and sort of puts it into the art category more than the , just a snapshot category, IMO.   Nice having the accurate description as a point of comparison... reality vs  what we might take away from it.  Zoom way back and the description might seem more obvious but the artistic quality lost. With the OP's description.... for me it promoted more thoughtfulness or maybe just shaped a bit where my minds eye went

May help to know why I made that remark. I was defending the photo. Someone said the only reason I was being soft was because the description, to which I replied that the description definitely wasnt causing me to defend it; I dont go light in CC because its a family photo; the description of what was happening didn't translate and nothing to do with why I liked it.

Understandable,,,,though I never considered it a family photo... the description added to the "that's not what I see" aspect for me. Maybe even promotes more imagination or contemplation...  vs say no description. Hard to say. Likely just very subjective.

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