Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

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Re: Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

Tim, I first wrote an answer in a thread also opened by you:


There you can see my setup. The cover of my enlarger was opened to show the parts inside. Naturally I never could do this if I would not work with such technology in my business. You need some years of experience with lasers and optics as well as electronics and software programming. I just posted this because the question was "Is it possible?" Yes, I did it.

Nobody wants to bring people back into darkroom, if they feel more comfortable in front of the PC.

But printing pictures this way on photographic paper is not old fashioned. It is still done by a similar way today in big labs for mass-printing. It will not completely be replaced by inkjet printing in the near future. Photographic LCD- or Laserprinting is much more reliable, less moving parts, no ink, much faster and produce outstanding quality.

Mine as well as your setup allow people who still have their darkroom alive printing their digital pictures.

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