Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

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Re: Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images


"Color paper sees color different than the human eye..." -- " So once you want to use LCD for color, you should control the red, green and blue part of the backlight individually." Thanks. That's good to know.

Let's say, by the trial and error if no other way, you adjust screen color so that paper does see the image just as the eye does. Note that new color profile and activate it for each image when making color prints. This should allow color prints from a given screen then????

I only print b/w, but others using this rig might want to print color, and if the above fix would work the door would be open for them.

Possibly a dumb idea: Send me a sheet of the color paper you use. I'll cut it into 4 wallet-size portions and one 4x10. Using suggestions from your end, and research here, I'll make suspected screen color corrections. With the 4x10 I'll do a test strip to determine proper exposure and send that to you for processing. One portion of the strip will be exposed properly, and reveal if the color was adjusted properly. If not it will likely be close enough to suggest correction directions, to be applied to one of the wallet-size pieces. Likely before the wallets are used up the proper corrections will be nailed.

This might be more trouble than it's worth to you, and/or there might be an easier way. But yell if you want to give it a try. The b/w prints using this 5k monitor equal or better my typical past film/enlarger prints, so possibly the same would be true for color, enough so that it would be worth using.

Tim Baker

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