KEH Purchases from Canada - Beware

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Re: correction: UPS Purchases to Canada - Beware

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Unfortunately on arrival UPS charged me an extra $25 ($7 of this was taxes, which is understandable, but the rest was brokerage and duty charges, which I would have expected to be covered by the already high shipping fees from KEH). So I ended up paying $70 shipping for a $140 item...

You may have learned the hard way, but you still haven't learned the right lesson. In most cases regular UPS requires additional brokerage fees, whether you order from KEH, B&H, or Adorama.

For some reason USPS doesn't require brokerage — but vendors avoid using them for international purchases as they often can't track across borders. for regular UPS shipping to Canada, the cost of brokering an itemis typically passed on to the customer — unless you inform them in advance as to whether you have your own customs broker.

Fedex is typically more expensive to use, but they've never charged me a brokerage fee.
I'm assuming it's built in to the cost.

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You don't have to pay brokerage fees to UPS, FedEx, DHL or anybody else - you can clear it yourself.

BTW, I've done it myself, more than once - and certainly plan on doing it again.

How much work are you willing to do, and how much time are you willing to spend to save $30, $40, $50???   You have to find a customs office, go there, wait in line ( ever see a gov't office without a lineup ), you need to bring the proper paperwork, refuse UPS on first delivery, maybe even drive to UPS to pick it up.

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