FZ200 vs Leica V-Lux 4: Any differences?

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Re: FZ200 vs Leica V-Lux 4: Any differences?

I have read on this site and others that some manufacturers and not just Panasonic where the item is vrand new and with anywhere from a few days to a few weeks they have a major malfunction and have to send it back only to sometimes have another issue with the camera.

The bottom line is that these electronics are mass produced on things called assembly lines and sometimes products or parts that are not " up to par" make their way into our homes.

I've always heard Panasonic colors are " cool".

I have had 3 different panasonic phone systems iver the years and tbe first one was the best.

I had to teplace the iteration before this barely out if warranty with some major problems.

I had to literally spend hours on the phone talking to half a dozen people and they told me to send them the phone and they will send me a "refurbished one" Thanks but no thanks!!

Quality has gone downhil for their phone/ answering systems!!

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