a6000: best zoom lens for 500€ max

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Re: a6000: best zoom lens for 500€ max

snapa wrote:

fer2503 wrote:

Peter Albinger wrote:

Seeing the lens on a A5100 body dampened my enthusiasm! somewhat!

It defeats the reason I got the A6000 in the first place. See this website for an image of the lens on camera body to see what I mean!


In the end I think I'll make do with the 16-50/55-210 combo that I have - until another bout of GAS hits me!

yes it is really big for the camera body, but the sharpness of 16-55 is very terrible. i ahve already a 50mm 1.8 by sony and pancake 20mm 2.8 and the sharpness is really really better than the 16-55.

Here is the bottom line, the sad truth. You only have 4 native APS-C native normal zoom lenses to choose form:

  1. 16-50 (best bang for the buck and very sharp in the center and very small)
  2. 18-55 (Older, larger lens, same IQ as above)
  3. 16-70 (5x the price as the kit lens, close to same IQ for 20mm more reach, 3x the size and questionable if you can find a 'good copy')
  4. 18-105 (much larger/heavier than all others, has many compromises, very good for video, probably the best of the bunch, if you can deal with the size and weight)

Pick which one best suites your needs if you think the 16-50 is "very terrible" and go for it. If you learn how to shoot the 16-50 in its sweet spots (20-45mm/f5.6-10), you will be very happy with it and the images it can give you. If you can't live within it's sweet spots, choose another zoom lens. Continuing to cry and complain about it will not make your pictures look any better. If you like the way your prime lenses look better, stick with your 20 and 50mm lenses and enjoy them. Comparing primes and zooms does not make any sense.

i'm looking for a lens that has a bigger zoom than 50mm. often during travel or events i think that 50mm maybe can be short. so a 18-105g can be a good option like handyman lens

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