D500 sharpening?

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Re: D500 sharpening?

I prefer to stay in LR for everything if I can. I have no presets as sharpening varies with iso and lighting conditions.

While viewing at 100% I move the sharpening slider until the image is the sharpness I want. I ignore any increase in noise for now. LR rarely produces haloes in this step when using a radius of 1 or less but if it does I dial back a tad. I then use the mask slider until the background noise is back to the level it was before sharpening. Using the ALT key here shows you what is happening but once you know you don't need to use it.

The problem is with noisy pictures where NR and sharpening is a trade off. One tip for this is to remove the background noise first step to the level you want. Ignore the detail. Then move the sharpening slider until the detail is back and ignore the noise. Then use the mask slider to remove the background noise.

For difficult noise removal where critical detail is getting smoothed too much I use NR then edge sharpen as above and then in brush adjustments paint out the NR from the bird only leaving it on the background.

Hope this helps. I now rarely need to use Topaz or Nik plug ins which saves a lot of time.

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