a6000: best zoom lens for 500€ max

Started May 9, 2016 | Discussions thread
Ken Sills Contributing Member • Posts: 670
Re: a6000: best zoom lens for 500€ max

The physical size of any telephoto or zoom lens is strictly determined by the size of the camera sensor.  The A6000 has a relatively large APS-C sensor that dictates a large telephoto zoom.  No way around it - laws of optics and physics cannot be repealed.

If you really want a long zoom in a smaller package, get one of the enthusiast travel cameras with a 1" sensor.

I love my 18-105 on my A6000.  It is my walk-around lens and hardly ever is removed.  The trick is to get a sling strap (like a Black Rapid) so the camera weight is on your shoulder and not on your neck.  I will tour all day with my A6000 and the weight never bothers me.


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