A6000 user looking for opinions on lenses for my application

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Re: A6000 user looking for opinions on lenses for my application

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I don't think a new lens is going to solve your problem. Lenses can only increase sharpness or color contrast. Can you share some of those pictures so we can help you with that? Also explain the environment details, indoors, but are there plenty of lighting? Windows? Dark cloudy days? Shutters open or closed? etc.

I'm a bit confused by your response. You say you don't think a new lens will solve my issue with the kit lens sharpness then say lenses can only increase sharpness or color contrast.

I'm after a sharper lens due to how poorly the 16-50 performs. I can certainly improve as a photographer, but when the 55-210 and Pentax manual lenses perform well and produce acceptable images, it was easy to look at my shots with the 16-50 and be displeased with their softness. So I'm looking for opinions on a lens setup given what I described I normally shoot. I will try to get some shots up comparing my lenses. Thanks for all the replies!

What are your shooting conditions? In good daylight, it'll be sharp, at night or in poor light, images from all lenses will show noises.

For indoors, you will have to step away from Auto and adjust the settings if you want good pictures. Shooting indoor may require you to use a tripod, using a slower shutter speed on a tripod, lowering the ISO helps reduce noise and increase sharpness. Make sure you turn off steadyshot.

Sorry I suppose I should have made it more clear in my original posts. I have a pretty good grasp on lighting in photography. I use Manual and Aperture Priority 95% and Shutter Priority 5%. I keep ISO as low as possible and am not referring to shooting at night, I get that this will introduce noise as the ISO climbs. In this instance it isn't softness created by noise it's softness created by a mediocre lens. But thank you for the tips anyway.

I no longer use the 16-50 lens anyway. When I shoot at night, low light shots will have noise and the noise degrades the sharpness. The only way to fix that is if I use a longer shutter speed to capture more light. But that is OK for still subjects.

If I take pictures of people, I need more light, either the room light has to be sufficient or the addition of bounced flash will be required. Night shots have always been tricky. Even the best FF DSLR cameras with the best lens take good pictures during the day, but during nighttime, there will be some degrade in image quality.

If a good high-quality lens give you 100% image sharpness, then the kit lens generally give you 85-90% of that image quality. It's like buying a luxury car, you will pay 200% or more than a non-luxury car, but you're only getting 10% more car.

Not sure if you saw my other post then, I came to figure out that I had a bad 16-50. Internal damage in shipping maybe? It looks perfectly fine but compared to one at the store there is no comparison. So I've got a new one and have several others on the way including sigma 19 and 30, konica hexanon 57/1.4 and 135/3.2. Ithe will be like having a whole new camera when it all comes in. Very excited.

Again I appreciate your info and everyone else's.

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