Review: A Week with the 28-300 VR (D800)

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Re: Review: A Week with the 28-300 VR (D800)

Very good review!

I gotta add I have this lens too on a D800 and have mixed feelings about it in fact I rarely use it if not to "test" and I recently found out that, as said above, with good light it performs well, at f8 it's sharp and the in camera corrections fixes vignetting and distortion, in PP can get rid of other little issues, the biggest fault for me is the long end, from, say, 200mm upwards it's not usable at all and my comparison is an old 300/f4D prime or the old 80-200/2.8D, too soft.

I'm often finding myself in doubt if to keep it or sell it to replace it with, say, a 24-120 but since I am used to the few primes I have (50-85-150-300) I dunno if switching to the shorter brother would bring any improvement and as such it ends sitting on a shelf collecting dust but, again, with good light conditions it works well and it's surprisingly sharp and fast focusing, I gotta say that often it focuses way better than my 85/1.8G (which is the newest lens I have), all in all a good lens for the price.

Thank you for your review

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