Voigtlander 15mm E-mount EXIF/Sharpness

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kdrk888 Regular Member • Posts: 385
Re: Voigtlander 15mm E-mount EXIF/Sharpness

Tim Devine wrote:

If you follow the Flickr link it leads you to him having the A7R II. There are quiet a few people having smeared corner issues with both the M and E mount versions. But if you get a good copy of either, it is pretty sharp all the way into the corner.


SQLGuy wrote:

kdrk888 wrote:

I tried two copies, both have smeared corners at infinity. Hope the replacement will be better. Take a look at these:


On which camera?

Tim, fellow FMer here. I got one copy of the 15mm Sony mount from two dealers, but not at the same time. Both had pretty bad smeared corners at infinity, as confirmed by Guy over at FM. Wondering where you got your copy? This is really becoming a lottery. I hate returning lenses to the dealers as it's bad for their business but it seems Voigtlander has some real QC issues.


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