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To PaulV.....

Just a quick note about locking checked is not only possible, but you can actually become REQUIRED to lock checked bags with a simple $30 investment in a starter pistol. Here are a couple threads from a few weeks ago: ... ... read.asp?forum=1021&message=5211246 ... ... read.asp?forum=1021&message=5211454

Ciao for now...

PaulV wrote:

This one was pretty simple to figure out.

Over the past few weeks, there were stories in the news that
airport security was too expensive, the airlines needed to cover
some of it, TSA was going to have to lay people off, etc.

So Homeland Security floated tales about new threats, potential
terror devices in luggage, transit-without-visa, etc. Excellent
parry to the budget-cutters.

I don't want to indulge in deciphering the news or conspiracy
theories. I certainly am a healthy skeptic of what many individuals
in government say, although I don't conflate "government" with

And even though I'm personally offended at what sometimes appears
to be a campaign to frighten people, I also can't dismiss every
terror alert as pure rubbish. It's hard to say. All I know is, they
made this announcement about new inspections and they'll probably
stick to it.

After that shoe bomber, every time I fly I now have to remove my
shoes. I routinely fly a bunch of times every year with a roller
bag filled with cameras, lenses, a laptop and other electronic
gear. I'm always careful to pack sharp things in my - now unlocked

  • checked bag. And I'm always amazed at how porous the system seems

to be. I, too, like the TSA folks and feel that they're a bit more
professional than their predecessors.

I suppose I'll try to arrive earlier at the airport, just in case
they make me demonstrate every piece of gear that I have. I only
hope that they don't start requiring photo gear to be checked, as
one dim bulb at McCaarran International warned me last year. That
would suck, especially now that you have to leave checked bags
unlocked. I already pack my tripod and head away.

I guess that those courier services are looking more appealing, but
I usually leave town as soon as I arrive, so it would be hard to
arrange for deliveries. Anyway, I'm rambling and not saying
anything at this point.

I fly again in two weeks. Hopefully, it will be as hassle-free as

Personally, I really like the TSA folks. I don't mind their little
scam to stay at full force. After years of going through security
checks operated by minimum wagers with no training, it's a pleasure
dealing with pros. They are courteous and consistent. They are
sensitive to passengers wanting to keep an eye on their stuff.
They've even given me tips on how to get through checkpoints
smoothly. (Rockport shoes have a metal shank - always take them
off and run them through x-ray.)

Ken Plotkin

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