D5100 as Video Camera - focus noise

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Re: If really interested in video ..

David Lal wrote:

Pugilares wrote:

Meyricke wrote:

After many years, I have started to use my D5100 as a video camera. My understanding is that in order to keep moving objects in focus, I have to have the focus mode set to AF-F. This creates a considerable level of noise which is picked up by the internal microphone. Is there any way to avoid this?

You have some options:

1. Turn AF off before recording video - you will have to focus manually.

2. Use external microphone mounted to the flash shoe - this will only reduce the AF noise, not eliminate it.

3. You can use external microphone not mounted on the camera - better results but not very convenient.

4. Use external audio recorder - even better result, even more not comfortable.

5. You can buy the new AF-P lens - it's supposed to be much more suitable for video, but personally I didn't have a chance to try it yet.

6. You may also turn off audio and record video only.

.. there's always option 7: get a real video camera and do the job properly.

I'm not that interested in video. I have just had a couple of occasions to film a friend's dog at an agility competition. Very small and fast moving object!


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