Seven Reasons Why I Prefer My Nikon DSLRs To Mirrorless

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Re: Seven Reasons Why I Prefer My Nikon DSLRs To Mirrorless

havoc315 wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

tomnorth wrote:

To say that an OVF shows an unprocessed scene is fact.

Seeing an "unprocessed" scene has as many disadvantages as it does advantages towards the goal of getting the end results you're looking for in a processed image.

But if you just like seeing the scene through the OVF for your viewing pleasure then sure.

it's actually false to suggest that OVF is unprocessed -- It is processed by a lens, by a mirror, and then by a whole pentaprism. A smaller OVF may even cut off the edges of an image. This whole system can add distortion to the image, it will darken the image (as not all of the light is getting through).

The image is not ELECTRONICALLY processed. But it is processed.

I think Tom secretly loves EVFs and just won't admit it  .

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