D500 Problem Lexar 128 GB 1000x

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CubeAce wrote:

Has anybody read the Lexar fault help page? Has anyone tried formatting the cards with the SD 3.0 formatter program as suggested?

The page is here.


It would also seem that depending on the size of card as to which FAT table it uses.

I only found that page myself last night. I noticed no-one else had quoted from it so I assume others may not have seen or tried the solutions. I hope it works because I would dearly love the camera to make better use of the second slot.

My cards were waiting to go out in the mail but hadn't yet gone out.  So, I still had them for testing.  I downloaded Lexar's SD formatter (version 4) referenced on the page above and formatted two separate cards (changed the option in the formatter program to "full erase" instead of "quick format").  To my complete surprise, I can no longer get the cards to fail.  They seem to work perfectly.  I am astonished but very pleased!  I also reformatted the cards in the camera after testing to see if the reformat caused the problem to return.  But, they're still working just fine.  But, I wonder why Lexar recommended reformatting my cards on the PC instead of pointing me to their tool.

As a side note, I got to make use of my new D500 today and I'm really enjoying it.

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