D500 Problem Lexar 128 GB 1000x

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Re: My thoughts, and guess, is that

Bill Dewey wrote:

pxlwz wrote:

Just out of curiosity: Did you have problems with the Lexar as only card or set to Primary slot?

I shot another 700 shots today with my second set (Lexar 2933 XQD 64GB as primary Slot,Lexar 64GB 2000X SDXC set to backup, image review on), and did not have a problem. All Raw 14 bit lossless compressed. Tomorrow I will try my third set, and I am wondering, if it is a specific setting, other than image review, that triggers these errors with Lexar cards.


Only the SD card has issues. The Image Review is most likely coming from your XQD card, what might be interesting is to either reverse the two, make the SD primary, or remove the XQD. I have not yet had time to do this, prepping for an all day Soccer tournament tomorrow, but hope to get some time on Sunday.

I had no issue when XQD was primary.  But, if the Lexar SDXC was primary (or only) card, it didn't take long to see the issue.

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