ISP Data Caps (300GB for Comcast here)

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Re: ISP Data Caps (300GB for Comcast here)

malch wrote:

I suspect the streaming service providers will compress the hell out of it so it looks no better than 1080p. But they won't be shy about advertising 4k

Amazon requires a 15Mbit connection for 4k, and suggests 20 for Netflix.   This is considerably higher than the transfer rates I see when getting 1080 programming.  Coupled with h.265, that suggests quality may be maintained.

I'm not even convinced 4k is really going become ubiquitous. Apparently, T-Mobile have been having considerable success with their "Binge On" offering. This provides almost unlimited cellular data for streaming -- but only at 480p (versus metered service at 1080p). That suggests consumers value quantity and cost over video quality.

well, it may just suggest T Mobile customers value cost over quality of service.  Or it appeals to those who watch videos off their phones and tablets.   My eyes are too stiff now to appreciate it, but kids...

The fact that youtube thrives does tell you that for many, quality is irrelevant.

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