Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

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Re: Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

Fair enough, you make good points - especially regarding the issue around negatives. That does actually make a massive difference Not having to dodge and burn or worry about scratches, still, you'd have to make test strips still right for test exposure.

I wish my children could experience the magic of watching that image appear in the developer. But not so much that I'd go back to it.
In terms of tonality, I have two Epson 4800, one of which is converted to wholly to black and white using John Cones Piezography inksets and software and believe me, they are imperceptible from traditional silver-halide prints.

Good luck on your quest though. photography is a big tent and I'm sure there are thousands of enthusiast, hipsters, craft brewers who would love to revive it.
One of my favourite photographers Rodney Smith still has all his work printed traditionally to his own exacting standard.

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