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Re: Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images


Yep, sounds like darkroom printing is not for you, and it's not for most people.
A couple of responses to your post though, so it won't scare off potential happy darkroom printers:
-- Much or your torment involved negatives; this system uses magic negatives that are free and perfect.
-- Most inkjet folks, if begrudgingly, agree that the fiber silver-gelatin print is the gold-standard for prints, the look and feel unequaled.
-- The fiber silver print is for the ages, our family album holds prints made 75 years ago, still clear and sharp. Inkjet paper and ink makers claim similar potential lifespans, and there's a chance they're correct. When printing photos of value for individuals and families I don't want question marks hiding in each print.
-- Inkjet printers are actually torture devices sent here by foreign terrorists to fray the nerves of America-- clogged jets, banding... the list is long. I think the CIA is working on this.
-- An 8x10 silver print costs about $1.25 for paper and chemicals. There is virtually no waste because the image is first perfected in the computer.
-- The photo gods are watching; inkjet photo makers will have to do 100,000 pushups before entering photo heaven. But return to the darkroom and you get a free pass.
Tim Baker

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