D500 Problem Lexar 128 GB 1000x

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Re: Well double crap ....

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Another data point. I just tested a Lexar 64GB 2000x (300MB/s) SDXC UHS-II in my D500 (after removing the XQD card). I took a total of 75 shots, some individually, some in bursts of 8 or so. I also did a fair amount of chimping to make sure all the shots were stored okay on the SDXC card.

Results: During the 75 shot test, I didn't experience any problems or get any error messages.

How many shots do others need to take before encountering problems? Regards. -iwbs

Edited to add: I formatted the SDXC card in camera (just once).

Looking up the specs for the Lexar Pro 32gig 2000x it has a slower write speed than the 64 and 128gig cards. Why this should cause a problem with reviewing I don't know unless you are reviewing before the card has finished writing to the card. It shouldn't be possible but if it is trying to read before the image is written that could be a cause.

Wait a few seconds after you get the error message, go out of Image Review, and then see if you can review the image that gave the error. If it is some race condition in the firmware the "wait time" might clear it, but it could also explain why just taking the card out a putting it back in would clear it.

Has anyone had the issue, I don't remember, on anything other than the 32gb cards?

Bill, my Lexar card is a 64gb unit.

Update: Cleaned contacts...did not help

Scanned and formatted on computer...did not help

About every third shot string I get a error message upon green light going out or when I press the review arrow.

Lexar card now retired, SanDisk now card promoted.


slower 32GB write. Darn.

So you get the error message even when you are not reviewing?


Did the camera just stop when that happened?

With the exception of the "OFF" switch working, yes stopped.

Do you want a deal on a very slightly used, truly as new, Lexar SD UHS-II card. 

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