D500 Problem Lexar 128 GB 1000x

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Always happen AFTER the image review pops up

luxun54 wrote:

OK, finally have a chance to get back to a computer and reply. As noted earlier in the thread, I am having the same problem/experience as other users of the Lexar 64GB 2000x SD cards. I can confirm or answer a couple of questions that have been posed:

  • doing a full format in the computer does NOT fix the problem;
  • the camera will shoot fine for a (varying) number of images, then error appears happens immediately after shooting a photo (I have image review ON), sometimes individual, sometimes burst;
  • the camera stops working when the error appears;
  • the error clears by either turning the camera off and one, or sometimes you have to remove the SD card;
  • no images are lost

Correct?  Just trying to figure out if the problem seems related to only the Read operation.  Could you see if you and problems If you turn Image Review off?  This is the kind of thing I could see if the card is having some issues with trying to display an image before it is completely written.

Roy, do you have Image Review on as well?

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Bill Dewey

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