Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

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Re: Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images


"Most home darkroom users also wish they could go larger"

If they wish they can with this system also. To go larger with a traditional enlarger, raise the enlarger higher. With this system slide the "camera" farther away from the monitor. Make wall-sized prints is you wish.

"again, your setup is extremely limited. for several hundred dollars more one could buy a medium format camera and enlarger, photograph the 5k screen, process the negative and enlarge/print with plenty more options."

Gee, all that expense and work and you'd end up with no greater options, just worse results, the image having gone through an extra resolution-reducing generation. This setup is as simple and option-full as the traditional darkroom enlarger, the negative a large 5k monitor in this case, with the negative in this case having been idealized via Photoshop or such as was never possible with film itself. Shoot with your digital camera, minutes later have a traditional, gold-standard, silver-gelatin print in your hand. We've secretly died and gone to photographer's heaven.

" it seem unnecessarily complicated. You essentially have to build a properly calibrated and precise large format camera to give you limited results. ie. Limited to one print size per camera you build."

Apologies here, for not yet posting specific design examples. It's reasonable that you'd have such assumptions. First, the 'camera' can make any size print from postage-stamp size to the size of a wall. The one I'm using now shines the image onto a horizontal 11x14 four-blade easel, allowing prints of any size up to 11x14; very handy. Versions of these "enlargers" are amusingly simple and crude, but still jaw-dropingly effective. Anyone who knows which end of a hammer and saw to use can make one in a day.

If you have any interest in making traditional silver-gelatin prints from your digital images I'll be glad to email you drawings and information. Your biggest expense will be a used 300mm process lens. $40 and up on ebay. Or a 250 or 300mm large-format taking lens will do if you have one. Better to use a flat-field process or copy lens though.

Can someone suggest how I might post drawings and photos.

Am I allowed to post my email address here?

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