Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

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Re: Home-darkroom silver-gelatin prints from digital images

fmian wrote:

I'm not really impressed due to the limitations imposed by the technology in use here.

The 5k screen is not being enlarged, it's being reduced, with essentially lossless resolution via a process lens and 8x10 "camera"

But even 35mm film theoretically has a close to or greater resolution than 5k. Medium format would easily outperform that screens capabilities.

Your limitation here is immediately the size of the print.
8x10 inches. As you go larger you'll start to see the pixel pitch (if you can't see it already) of the retina screen. If it's visible by eye on the screen itself, at some point it will be visible using your system.

If anything what you have is an expensive way of making prints at consumer grade sizes.

Better to go an pay someone 50 bucks to make a one off print for you with a digital enlarger. De Vere's model is 17 megapixel, which is already greater than your 5k screen.
Nice project though.

It's an intriguing idea.... and I really like the look of B&W gelatin silver prints (though I have to wonder if the choice of papers is anything like what it was when I was doing darkroom stuff many years ago). Except for the mess of all of that chemistry, it really sounds like a "best of all possible worlds" kind of thing.... were it not for the fact that the resolution is limited. I just can't see going to all of that effort to create a setup like that which will only print up to 8x10.

I've always thought of a real gelatin silver print as the gold standard for B&W. My feelings though are starting to change. I was in the San Fransisco airport a little while ago waiting for a plane and I ended up looking at a display of some really beautifully done historic B&W photos of the city. The images were clearly very old, film era stuff (like from the 40s-70s) and the prints looked fantastic... but come to read the tags below the frames and they were all digital outputs... digital outputs that looked to me as good as traditional prints. I don't know enough about digital printing to know what process and paper was being used but I know what good photographic prints look like and these were that good... So, I guess that my feeling is if you can get that look with digital then there's a bit less of a reason to deal with any kind of cumbersome digital/analog combo type process...

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