D500 Problem Lexar 128 GB 1000x

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Re: My recommendation whereever I see issues like this ....

luxun54 wrote:

Bill Dewey wrote:

Are these the new UHS-II cards? I have the Lexar 2933x UHS-II cards that work just fine. The issue that I had with both the Transcend and the Kingston was cards that did not follow the controller spec, when Nikon did.

Let's hope that the Repair and Full Format clear the issue, that is the easiest solution.

Can you post the exact Lexar card model please?

Hi Bill -- My two cards are both Lexar 2000x 64GB UHS-II SDXC cards that are both showing these intermittent and recurring "card damaged" errors. I have tried a computer format, and that did not help; I am not sure whether the "Quick Format" box was checked, will try again. Lexar has already said I can send the cards in.

I was incorrect in my first post, my XQD is 2933x, the Lexars I have are the 2000x.  Another fellow just posted the same issue.  I have not had issues at this time, just shot 64 images with the XQD out with no trouble, but that is a small test.  I am using the XQD as Primary.  My first testing on Thursday I was writing NEF to XQD and JPG to SD, with no problems.

How frequent does this happen?  If you take the card out and put it back in, or turn the camera off/on, does that clear the issue for awhile?

Have you tried the steps I outlined?

One last thing that I mentioned in the other thread is to ask Lexar how to validate that we don't have counterfeit cards.

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