How to download &save actions?

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Re: How to download &save actions?

kimtab wrote:

Could someone take the time to step by step tell me how to download
(where) and save and use actions. Some are in also in the zip
format. I was able to download and use one about 2 months ago but
now I forgot how. I will print and save the instructions for future

I have a folder on my desktop - "psactions". In that folder is a subfolder "dprunzip" (could just call it 'zip'). When I download an action (usually by clicking on the action link), that folder almost always comes up or if it doesn't I browse to it. If the action is a zip file it recognized where my zip files are in that folder and downloads to the 'dprunzip' subfolder. If it is an .atn file it downloads in the main folder.

With the zip files I right click on the file go to 'open with..' and to 'compressed (zipped) files...' and it shows a folder which I open - right click 'copy' on the action, close the folder and 'back" to the main psaction folder where my actions are and 'paste' - no temp files and I stilll have the zipped action in case someone wants it or if for some reason the action file gets corrupted or deleted.

To load, open up PS, go to the arrow at the right top of the action palette, and in the 'drop down' (actually open way up) menu find 'load actions' in the left column (ps6 anyway) and browse to the 'psactions' folder and highlight the action and load. It shows up as the bottom action in the action palette. Just in case - click on the triangle in front of the action or action set - click highlight the action and press the 'play' button below the action names.

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