D500 Problem Lexar 128 GB 1000x

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Re: Lexar response - "Talk to Nikon!"

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Hey, maybe this is our chance to send our Nikons back in and get a little black dot in the tripod socket.

The 1000x cards don't work in my D500. Got out my Nikon D810, they work fine in there. Also work in my Sony A6300. My guess is that Nikon screwed the pooch again.

Is not Lexar giving the same comment as when the D810 came out and some Lexar CF cards would not work in it. Then a few days later, Lexar started replacing those cards for free.

BTW, has anyone seen a post where a SanDisk or other band of UHS-II card is NOT working in a D500?

To be fair, in their latest email, Lexar has offered to replace my cards. But because it is TWO cards, not just one, where this is happening, it does seem more likely to me that there is a camera firmware issue of some kind rather than that I randomly got two defective 2000x cards (from two different sellers!).

For what its worth, the Lexar 1000 and 2000 uhs-3 cards perform flawlessly in my D750, D7000, and Fuji X-T1(which does utilize the enhanced read write performance of uhs-3 cards. Agree that it is likely a Nikon firmware problem specific to the D500.

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