How to download &save actions?

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Re: How to download &save actions?

Todd Smigelski wrote:

Start here for action downloads:

In most case "right mouse click> save target as..." to initiate
Browse and download file to your computer.

In PS, in your actions pallet, click on actions tab, hit the
sideways arrow, find 'load actions' and browse to where you
downloaded the actions you chose.

Now it will be there on your action pallet from now on.

Click on desired action and press the play button to enjoy.


but to addL:
as far as your question where to download the action to,
the answer is: wherever you want
some people download to a subfolder of PS
i have a folder just for my actions: C: actions
i download any action to that folder

if i download a zip file i either download the zip to C: actions and also extract to C: actions or downaoad the zip to a temp file (to be erased later) and extract the .atn files to C: actions

this way if i ever have to reinstall PS all my actions are safely tucked away somewhere else

when you want to place an action into PS use Todd's directions, you have to do that anyway, even if you saved in a subfolder of PS

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