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OP kamatsu New Member • Posts: 8
Re: Pic1 Raw 2 Jpg using camera settings and downsized

I don't remember the settings. I did the sharpening targeting Web jpg at that particular resolution and am working on it for my InjkJet at home.

But no. I never use LAB mode before..

IMO, I over sharpened that pic in the foreground. I will be spending more time on that using selection tool.

Devinder Sangha wrote:
Thanks for posting the original picture.
Excellent job!!

If you dont mind sharing the settings, I would like to know the
unsharp mask settings you used. Do you use Lab mode?


kamatsu wrote:
Here you go. Raw to 12M jpg using EX 2.0 (via finepixViewer simple
interface) with camera interal settings(STDs) and resampled to the
same size as the 1st picture for comparison.

Note that taking this workflow you loose all the 12 bit per channel

The 1st pic. I adjusted curve in EX 2.0, export to 16 bit TIFF,
tonal range and unSharpMask in hight bit mode - all are global
adjustments not using layers or selections.



Devinder Sangha wrote:

In your earlier posts you said you can post the original. I would
like to see atleast your original Denali picture to compare how
much you improved upon it. Thanks for the information.

kamatsu wrote:
The 1st and 3rd pics are signma 15-30 for sure. the middle one I
forgot, not sure if I cropped it in Photoshop or using my 1st
generation Tamron 28-300m. btw. the pic is way over sharpened.

Well. I am not into "professional" photography, so these "low end"
lenses suite my needs in taking family vacation picstures I
waited all these times for the Nikon 12-24mm, but eventually found
our the price is a little out of my price range.

Keep in mind photoshop can do a lot for your pics.

Devinder Sangha wrote:

kamatsu wrote:

1st time posting here, comments are welcome.

Great pictures!!

You mentioned that you used Sigma 15-30mm. Did you use the same
lens for all three pictues? I am considering to buy Sigma 15-30 and
Sigma 50-500, what would you recomend? Your feedback will be highly


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