On sensor PDAF and other questions

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Re: On sensor PDAF and other questions

Coyote_Cody wrote:

AFAIK, no manufacturer has published even a single cam/lens control algorithm with command & data, response descriptions, so we all have to rely on is control theory and what 'has to' or likely happens.

Yeah, though it has been captured and documented a few times. I know there's a document out there from the manufacturer of a device like a reverse coupler, which gives good descriptive names to the commands, but I can't find it right now.

But then apparently we likely must throw in all the various AF motor/control types and even the diff AF sensel types (hybrids or pure PDAF or CDAF) that can alter/affect the control command sequences, and variations between the diff brands, etc.

I know there a various versions of the EF protocol over time, but all modes of operation (e.g. PD AF, CD AF, single continuous...) seem to be merely different sequences of the same set of fundamental commands, rather than distinctly different sets of commands.

So I think even a 'generic' real understanding of AF is a non trivial thing but the basics are fairly trivial if basic understanding of how things are controlled even w &w/o feedback.


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