Canon forum is VERY tiring

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Mark Rodrigues Senior Member • Posts: 1,085
Re: So call it the "photography" forum....

Yes, conversations re usage of Canon DSLR's to actually photograph something using a particular technique would be great - it's what goes on in other forums !

Alex Permit wrote:
I think a "general" forum to discuss "general" photographic
techniques would be great. Call it the PHOTOGRAPHY forum.

This is called the CANON DSLR forum. We should discuss issues

mark rodrigues wrote:
Go on the Sony Talk Forum, you will see people discussing
PHOTOGRAPHY - techniques, etc. They are happy !!!

jjydesign wrote:
I find this forum quite helpful as well, and as the post below
shows, the folks in this forum are just as sarcastic as anyone in
the Nikon forum!

Truly, there are some dead horses being beaten, but such is the way
of online forums. If I have a specific problem, I search, usually
with success.

Besides, there are all those great Thomas Gardener Wasp Pictures in


Alex Permit wrote:

You have a total of 9 posts, and you're already tired????

I guess you know all about how to post-process your raw files. You
know all about the relative advantages of capture one vrs
breezbrowser. You know the best way to clean your ccd. You're
fully versed in high ISO noise reduction. you understand the
relative merits of the 16-35L vrs the 17-40L. You know how large
the AF sensor is relative to the markings in the viewfinder.

My hats off to you. You are a true expert.

I for one enjoy reading and learning from this forum. The ONE set
of posts I get tired of is people complaining about the fourm.

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