Canon forum is VERY tiring

Started Aug 5, 2003 | Discussions thread
jonlg Senior Member • Posts: 1,248
This place has gone to the shister since 10D intro.........

people come here to learn about photog......when they should have their head in several good photog books...or taking a slr photog course......or out there shooting photos and experimenting........

This is all evidenced by some very basic questions that are asked here.....about their 10D(read the manual)....the focus issue.....lens choices.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

calxn wrote:

I'm new to DSLR so who am I to talk? Got a 10D. Hoping to learn
from these boards, but the Canon board is SOOO tiring. Here are
the few topics that are regurgitated over and over

1) I'm a noob, think my 10D got focus problems, really don't think
it's me
2) Should I get a 10D?
3) Canon vs. Nikon (who's falling behind who)
4) Just bought a 10D

I got to tell you, I enjoy reading the Nikon board much more. I
know I'm going to get a lot of flak for posting this, but guys,
something's got to be done. The same 4 topics are repeated every
day. Let me emphasize that, EVERY DAY. Perhaps using the search
would be useful sometimes. I use it all the time to learn about

Perhaps those sarcastic Nikonians are right. Maybe Nikon owners
are busy taking pictures while Canon owners are busy photographing
rulers. Maybe, there should be a Canon DSLR Usage and a Canon DSLR
Support forum. This forum is almost useless for learning. Ok, let
the flak come flying. Just thought I get people thinking.

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