Canon forum is VERY tiring

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Re: Some more flame

Who are you talking to? Are you trying to demonstrate that the usefullness of these forums is only obtianed by running a gauntlet of verbal abuse? Are you hearing voices? Or are you just indulging in that most traditional of message-board pastimes: recreational flaming. I DID mention the horse-beating, didn't I?

Yet, in spite of such wasted bandwidth (and I know... I perpetuate the thread by stooping to respond to it), I still find the DPReview site and this forum in particular to be an invaluable resource.

Now do stop comparing the size of our... posting histories... and try and play nice in the sandbox, eh?


Alex Permit wrote:

I guess you don't care about seeing thumbnails in explorer

Well, of course, why should you. You already wrote your own
registry hack.

But tell me, friend. Where were YOU when I needed help getting
opticlean off my mirror?

I guess you were just too bored to help?

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