Canon forum is VERY tiring

Started Aug 5, 2003 | Discussions thread
riokid Senior Member • Posts: 2,350
Maybe they will get more tired and fade away (nt)

Alex Permit wrote:
I have anther suggestion. Lets start a new forum strictly for
newbies whining about the forum after less then ten posts.

Paul van der Hoven wrote:

I must agree with you. When i first joined this forum I expected to
learn something and to be able to discuss things photographic.

All I see is a bunch of whiners complaining all the time.

My suggestion is to start a new forum handling complaints and
problems and NOT to allow any on this forum. That way we can enjoy
our hobby or profession on THIS forum and join the whiners when we
feel like it.

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Blessed are those who expect nothing . . .
for they shall not be disappointed.

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