Sequential EVF "tearing" effect - reality or myth?

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Sequential EVF "tearing" effect - reality or myth?

OK, here's the deal. I've been hearing about the infamous rainbow / tearing effect on Panasonic's sequential EVFs for quite some time. The most obvious criticism was made on the GX7 review complaining about "an unpleasant 'rainbow effect' when rapidly panning the camera, engaging menus or blinking." Now, I've tried to replicate this on my venerable G3 (half the res of the GX7 but same sequential tech) to almost no avail; only very fast pans where tearing was the last of my concerns exhibited any hint of it. To be fair, it is said that this is a rather subjective thing, affecting some people more than others, however, the subject always comes up (for example, in a lot of the comments about the GX-85's own EVF) but I haven't read or heard of that many real user complaints about this.

The purpose of this very scientific poll (yeah right) is to either put this matter to rest or prove me wrong when I think a vast majority of users aren't bothered with the "rainbow effect". Before answering, please make sure your camera uses a sequential EVF as many of the more recent ones don't.

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Never saw a rainbow effect except just after a thunder shower.
50.5% 55  votes
I have seen it a few times, can't say it bothers me much.
28.4% 31  votes
I see it often enough to find it annoying.
11.0% 12  votes
I see it all the time and will ditch the camera on ebay just after answering this stupid poll.
10.1% 11  votes
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