How to clean an EX1 / TL500 sensor

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Re: How to clean an EX1 / TL500 sensor

My second EX1 had developed three 'splodges' on images,so I decided to open it up and see if I could complete a clean of the sensor, as described by the OP.

But once again, that ribbon cable did not want to budge at all, so I got out an air pump (the sort used for inflating air-beds/mattresses), and blew a stream of air right through the camera from every angle (for a couple of minutes). I'm very pleased to say that I now have a clean sensor.

I did note while dissembling the bodywork how much dust, and the odd hair, had snuck inside the camera. It certainly made me think about the value of a camera that has dust-proofing, but for now my EX1 shooting continues.

The original EX1 that I sent away for repair has developed a mark in exactly the same place as the one that was supposedly cleaned off. I wonder if it is residue from whatever the service people cleaned the sensor with? It will be getting the air pump treatment too to see if I am lucky twice.

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