Trying to find a way to switch from A-mount to FE

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Switch by new body+LA-EA4, then only as needed

ebjerke wrote:

I just can't figure out an EASY way to transition.

Relax. An LA-EA4 makes an E-mount body behave like an A-mount... which is what you're used to. There are also tons of older AF lenses for A-mount (see Dyxum) selling at nice prices because people are not exactly flocking to A-mount.

As I always tell people, get lenses only when they will enable you to do something that you envisioned but couldn't do with your existing equipment. No rush. In fact, you can even use APS-C lenses on FF by using them with a 1.4-1.5X teleconverter, and many perform better on FF that way than they did on native APS-C.

Just get native E-mount lenses if/when you need what they do. Personally, I have lots of manual lenses in various mounts and my AF lenses are all A-mount...

As for which body, I'd suggest A7II or A7RII because A-mount folks expect IBIS (I know that I did). An A6000 or A6300 makes a nice backup that also offers higher pixel density for APS-C lenses. The pair I generally use is now an A7II and a NEX-7; before that, it was an A7 and a NEX-5. Rarely, I do still use my A55 (or even my A350 or A100)... but it's getting rarer all the time.

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